Training Experiences

Training Experiences

“Shoshoni is a place to learn, grow, transform. A place to venture deep within order to shine forth through every moment of every day. The experience of teacher training is heart-opening and life-changing in the best possible way… physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!”

“Shoshoni’s yoga teacher training was such an incredible experience for me. I would say life-changing. Even a year after leaving, I crave the great spirit of the place and the people there. It is truly a special place. I am so happy with my direction in life as a yoga teacher. I found my calling.”

“I’m still enjoying the wonderful energy I received at the Vinyasa Training! I feel my teaching and my life in general are improving every day, thanks to the program. You are a gifted teacher, and you made the training so much fun, which is an essential component for me!”

“I appreciate the emphasis on meditation and the subtle aspects of yoga. This is a special place with pure yoga. I think sometimes yoga is taught as just a form of stretching and exercise, which is unfortunate, as it encompasses that and so much more.”

“My yoga teacher training was absolutely transformative. I was so scared I would lose my ‘yoga’ once I left the confines of Shoshoni, but it is with me always and everywhere I go. The relationships I formed, the knowledge I gained, and the peace and love I experienced completely rearranged my heart and mind. I cannot wait to begin my level 2 training!”

“Not only can I not imagine a better yoga teacher training experience, I can’t really imagine a better way to spend three weeks!”

“There are many choices for yoga schools out there. The caliber of instruction at Shambhava Yoga exceeded my expectations. The location and all the other supporting practices (meditation, chanting, the temple) are very healing.”

“I first came to Shoshoni for yoga teacher training on the recommendation of a friend and fellow yoga instructor – and have been most grateful ever since. I stayed for several weeks and was astounded by the food, the atmosphere, the wonderful hosts, and the profound sense of warmth, depth, and vitality – a real life, real truth. Both the training program and the retreat itself were more than I could have ever asked. I have since returned for multiple stays & am planning my next visit for a few weeks from now. Shoshoni truly changed my life so deeply for the better (an expression I rarely use) – it taught me how to become more ground, develop a connection an inner-awareness, and begin a life-long journey towards spiritual evolution. I cannot praise this retreat center enough! Thank you x100!!!”

“The Shoshoni yoga school is of the highest caliber. You will find yogis from all around the world attending. Their teachings are based in the deepest and most ancient of Yogic traditions – bringing honor to the practice and integrity to yoga. ”

“Attending the Shambhava Yoga training for my Level I Yoga Teacher Certification was one more pivotal life experience for this 48 year old. I grew and gained so much knowledge about Yogic life and my inner self in those short 21 days. The time spent was a true lesson in effort and ease. Completing the curriculum took effort but the environment, teachers and staff created the ease! I can testify that my stay at Shoshoni taught me the true practice of teaching and leading with your heart.”

“My experience at Shoshoni’s yoga teacher training program exceeded my expectations and has permanently impacted the way I approach yoga. I consider it a significant experience in my life. The program combines honest interactions, authentic instruction, and a safe but challenging environment in which to learn. I highly recommend Shoshoni’s teacher training program to anyone willing to delve further into their study of yogic tradition, self-understanding and personal growth.”

“The Yoga Teacher Training program was meticulously organized. I hung on every word and soaked up every moment. What I enjoyed the most was being able to live at the ashram. The physical environment is breathtaking. The food is delicious. There are opportunities for walking mediation, question and answer, hikes, special ceremonies….. I felt transported to another world where I could really immerse myself in the yogic lifestyle. It was such a special 3 weeks that continues to enrich my everyday. Like yoga practice, for me the teacher training at Shoshoni was a deepening into a fuller life.”

“A deep, heart-felt thank you for making my month-long teaching training such a special event for me. The cooperative spirit of Shoshoni is contagious. I felt part of the larger family and welcomed with open arms. The quality of instruction is unparalleled, from the teacher-training classes to the daily yoga sessions. I hope to see you again soon, for either a day visit or even Level 2!”