Rise True: Focus on the Shoulders and Core

Getting Started

The following steps will help you prepare for your training and make the most of this special experience.

1. Establish a daily yoga practice.

Create an opening in your daily schedule to practice asanas 20-30 minutes. The morning is a great time for this. Add daily sit-ups and push-ups into your practice to prepare for the challenging poses of this training. Take group classes as often as you can to be inspired and receive adjustments. Get acquainted with the postures in the training manual below. Be conscious of correct spinal alignment, key actions and your breathing in each pose. If there are any poses you find particularly challenging, modify them or save them for the onsite portion of your training.

2. Establish a daily meditation practice, ideally right after your asana practice.

Begin sitting for meditation 10-15 minutes per day using any of the practices from the meditation study guide. Work up to sessions of 20-30 minutes as we will be practicing seated meditation each morning and evening at Shoshoni. You may also download this guided breath meditation audio file. Sitting regularly now will also help to loosen your hips so you can be more comfortable during seated meditation during your training.

3. Required reading

Download the manual below to bring to the training, either on your tablet or laptop, or printed into a binder. Read the manual in full before your training.

4. Optional reading

Learn more about Shambhava Yoga and Shoshoni Yoga Ashram in the book Spontaneous Recognition by our founder Sri Shambhavananda. This is a great introduction to the practice and philosophy of our spiritual tradition. It is not required reading but highly recommended.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

5. Prep Video

Please watch and practice along with this short video to build shoulder strength for our Level 3 asanas.

6. Arrive ready to learn and have fun!

Before you arrive, please take advantage of the time you have to prepare mentally and physically for your training. The more you invest into preparing, the more you will receive from your efforts, and the more you can relax and enjoy your experience!

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