200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Offered in two modules; take them together for a full 21-day immersion experience, or take them separately with up to one year to complete the second module. 




Become a certified yoga teacher in Colorado

We believe that 200 hour yoga teacher training retreat should be a life-changing experience. One of the first yoga schools in America, ShambhavAnanda Yoga™ has always emphasized that becoming a great teacher means becoming a great student. You don’t just learn how to teach yoga here; you learn how to deepen your practice and grow.

Shoshoni’s 200 hour yoga training retreats provide an exceptional education through immersion in the yogic lifestyle and authentic yogic teachings. Stay at Shoshoni during your training, or attend as a commuter student. The healthy meals, ashram community and spectacular mountain setting make our training a nourishing and transformational retreat.

ShambhavAnanda Yoga’s 200-hour, 300-hour and specialty yoga certification trainings are registered with the Yoga Alliance.

What You’ll Learn:


Asana (Yoga Postures)

Learn the basics of a safe and effective asana practice with in-depth study of 50 fundamental asanas and dynamic sequences. Instruction is rooted in Hatha but includes Vinyasa-style cueing. The versatility of our approach enables you to develop your own personal teaching style so that you can deliver the class you want while still meeting your students’ needs.

Yogic Philosophy and Meditation

Shambhava Yoga has a strong meditative focus. Learn meditation techniques from experienced instructors in both a classroom and Temple setting. Dive into topics such as the yamas and niyamas, Yoga Sutras, the interconnectedness of traditions, and more in Philosophy classes.

Anatomy and Physiology

Pictures, videos, slideshow tutorials, and hands-on demonstrations complement the asana instruction to give you a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of how yoga postures affect our human anatomy and physiology.

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Breath plays a vital role in regulating our physiology, mental state, emotions, and the ability to be present and focused. Deepen your understanding of breath’s role in yoga and wellness by learning to practice and teach 10 different pranayama techniques.

Teaching Methodology

Learn how to cue effectively, create sequences and classes, integrate themes, incorporate neutralizing poses, be inclusive and welcoming, build clientele and more! We include a variety of teaching exercises to put our discussions into action and build your confidence and ability to teach.

Assists and Modifications

Add depth to your teaching by assisting students personally. You’ll learn hands-on assists, how to use props for multi-level teaching, responsive cueing, mirroring, and more!


Learn the history of the Sanskrit language, basic pronunciation principles, pose names and the translation of common words in yoga.

Professional Development

Learn ways to navigate your life’s dreams. Our team of experienced yoga educators share what they’ve learned over the years in yoga, business, and living the life you want. This includes ideas on where to gain opportunities to teach, what qualities you’ll want to demonstrate and how to present yourself.


PLUS we place strong emphasis on practice teaching and developing confidence in front of a classroom from the first day of the training.

What Makes a Shoshoni Yoga Training Special?


  • Shoshoni is an ashram, a spiritual community of dedicated practitioners. You’ll be living and learning alongside a staff of yogis who have devoted themselves to service and spiritual growth. It is a safe, supportive environment in which to dive deeply into your own practice.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to experience authentic practices from the yogic tradition, including the Vedic Fire Ceremony (Yajna), kirtan and arati, and Satsang (questions and answers) with senior meditation teachers from the Shambhava Yoga tradition.
  • Shoshoni is nestled on almost 300 acres of pine forests in the Rocky Mountains. There is a deep sense of nourishment from and connection to nature. We share the land with local wildlife, including moose and elk.
  • We’ll do the cooking! We provide three wholesome, home-cooked vegetarian meals daily, plus treats along the way. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options available. We take care of you, so you can focus on your training.
  • You get to do art! We believe artistic expression can be one of the highest manifestations of spiritual energy. Whether you’re coloring or creating, art gives you a chance to relax, open your heart, enjoy fun and light-hearted conversation, and connect more deeply to yourself. By the end of the training, you’ll have something you can take home with you to remind you of your journey.

What Does Your Investment Get You?

Training cost includes:

  • tuition for both modules of the program
  • lodging (training cost is dependent on choice of accommodations)
  • three home-made, vegetarian meals per day
  • course materials, including the ShambhavAnanda Yoga manual
  • access to extra yoga, meditation, and art classes offered to retreat guests at Shoshoni
  • access to Shoshoni amenities, including hot tub and sauna

Dates and Rates

Upcoming 200 Hour Training dates



January 11 (Thursday) -February 2 (Friday) (Module 1: Jan 11-23, Module 2: Jan 25-Feb 2)

April 30 (Tuesday) – May 22 (Wednesday) (Module 1: April 30-May-11, Module 2: May 12-22)

July 15 (Monday) – August 6 (Tuesday) (Module 1: July 15-26, Module 2: July 26-Aug 6)

August 20 (Tuesday) – September 11 (Wednesday) (Module 1: Aug 20-31, Module 2: Sept 1-11)


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200 Hour Training Rates and Accommodations


Tent (available June-September)



Retreat Hut (available May-September)



Shared Dorm (Yoga Mandir) 



Private Room/Shared Bath  (Yoga Mandir)



Private Room/Shared Bath  (Yoga Hall)



Private Suite and Bath (Green Tara)



Private Cabin and Bath 




*All prices include tuition, course materials, meals & lodging for both modules total.

*If choosing gluten free meal option, a $150 fee will be added to your total cost.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due to secure your space in the training.  The remaining balance is due by your training start date.

View our cancellation policy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shoshoni registered with Yoga Alliance?

Yes. Shambhava Yoga (as the school), Shoshoni (as a location), and the training leaders are all registered with Yoga Alliance. This means that upon successful completion of your training, you will receive a certificate through Shambhava Yoga that is recognized by Yoga Alliance and allows you to register on their international database of certified yoga instructors. 

Where is Shoshoni? Is it close to anything?

Shoshoni is located in the mountains about 45 minutes west of Boulder, CO and about 10 minutes from the town of Nederland, a fun and funky mountain town with a variety of coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, and attractions. 

I have my own religious tradition. Will I still be welcome in the training?

Absolutely! We welcome people of any background and have found that the training can benefit anyone; most people are inspired by the deep spiritual connection that the residents of Shoshoni experience from their practice. However, yogic philosophy and meditation in a formal temple setting are requirements of the training. If you are not sure if you would be comfortable, you can still apply. Part of our interview process is to make sure that it will be a good fit! 

I'm planning to fly into Denver. How do I get to Shoshoni?

Shoshoni is easily accessible from Denver International Airport via public transportation. Learn more. 

What is the difference between summer and winter trainings?

Trainings at Shoshoni are magical any time of year, but there is a distinct difference between summer and winter trainings. 

In summer, there are generally more people around – bigger training groups, more guests, and more staff. The weather is warm and the days are long, with daylight until close to 9pm at the summer solstice. Winter is our quiet season – trainings are often smaller, there is less staff, and we only have retreat guests on weekends. Winter weather means lots of warm layers and lots of warm treats, with shorter days.

If you have flexibility with your schedule, you might consider which training atmosphere is the best fit for you. If you do not have flexibility with your schedule, that’s ok too!! Our training staff is skilled at recognizing the needs of each particular training group and adapting the training to offer the best experience possible.  

I've never lived in a community before. Will I get some alone time?

Yes. You will spend a lot of time with your training group, Shoshoni staff, and ashram guests, but there are ways to take time for yourself as well. Mealtimes are all at least an hour long, and there is scheduled free time every afternoon or evening, plus one full day off each Sunday of the training. The best way to ensure space to yourself is to choose a Private Dorm or Eco Cabin for your accommodations, so that you will have your own room to relax in outside of training hours. 

Do I need to bring my own food?

Shoshoni provides three wholesome, balanced meals each day of the training, including your day off. Food is served cafeteria-style, meaning everyone gets a full plate to begin with and then you are welcome to go back for seconds – or thirds! – if there is still food remaining. You may supplement with your own food if you like to snack between meals. There is a guest refrigerator available just outside the main training room. All meals are vegetarian, with options for dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan when you sign up for the training. We are a dedicated meat-free facility, but do cook with eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts and other allergens, so let us know in your application if you have any dietary restrictions. 

Is there cell phone service or WiFi available?

AT&T is the only cell phone service that works at Shoshoni. AT&T and Verizon both work in Nederland, a 10-minute drive. Shoshoni does have WiFi available in almost all buildings. Due to the mountain environment, both cell phone service and internet may be spotty or unavailable at times. 

I know cannabis is legal in Colorado. Is it allowed at Shoshoni?

Shoshoni is a substance-free ashram, dedicated to an atmosphere of clarity and sobriety. We do not allow recreational use of marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol on the property. If you have a medical condition that benefits from the medicinal use of marijuana, please let us know in your application so that we can discuss it during your interview. We appreciate transparency with our students and offer the same in return. 

Are there laundry facilities on-site?

During our quiet season (October-April), on-site laundry is available at specified times for $2 per load with detergent provided. During our busy season (May-September), we do not have on-site laundry available. There is a Laundromat in Nederland, about 10 minutes away, conveniently located next to local restaurants, attractions, and a grocery store. 

Do you serve coffee?

Yes! We offer organic coffee every morning a breakfast, plus a tea bar with organic herbal and caffeinated teas available throughout the day. 

Can I get mail while I'm at Shoshoni?

Of course. Our USPS mailing address is PO Box 400, Rollinsville, CO 80474. The FedEx and UPS delivery address is 1400 Shoshoni Camp Rd, Rollinsville, CO 80474. Please make sure any mail is addressed to Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, c/o (care of) your name

Will family or friends be able to visit me during the training?

We are happy to have family and friends visit as regular Shoshoni guests during your training. This means they can join us for scheduled drop-in yoga programs or as an Overnight Retreat guest. On the morning of your graduation, friends and family are invited to join the ceremony and celebrate with you, and then stay for lunch free of charge. If you have a special circumstance, just ask! 

Apply online and we will set up a phone interview to see if we are the best fit!

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“This training has been such a valuable experience for me, I really resonated with the spiritual side of it.  The meditation, mantra, and emphasis in the physical asana practice on connecting with the Inner Self..it feels like I have connected more deeply with my Inner Self during the training.  I am so appreciative.  I look forward to going out and sharing these skills I’ve learned from you all with the world.  Thank you!”

D.S., June 2020 graduate