Relax, Reset, and Restore

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Blog, Retreats

Relax and Restore Through Yoga and Meditation Practices At Shoshoni Yoga Retreat

The purpose of all forms of yoga is to connect to the highest wisdom that resides within, known in the ShambhavAnanda Tradition as the Inner Self.  We are often disconnected from this deepest truth due to a busy mind.  Modern society presents us with a multitude of distractions that draw our awareness outside of ourselves.  The result can be a sensation of feeling drained, exhausted or imbalanced.  Chronic stress can cause an inefficient breathing pattern that adds to this stress, both mentally and physically, and long term, can affect our overall health.  Research continually demonstrates the positive effects of yoga and meditation, such as lowering blood pressure, heart and breath rate and lowering cortisol (a stress hormone) levels.

Our Relax, Reset and Restore Retreat (Feb 22-25, 2024) is designed to foster the opportunity to fill your cup, to nurture your heart space and to revive your connection to your true nature. The breathtaking views and quiet mountainscape will support your inward journey throughout this extended weekend as you experience the various ways yoga nourishes the soul.  Daily dives into Breath Labs, Hatha Yoga slow flows, restorative yoga, deep relaxation, mantra chanting and meditation all offer a pathway to Self, and are led by a Certified Yoga Therapist.  Let go of your stressors, experience the bliss of balance and rejuvenation with a calm, relaxed nervous system and enjoy the concomitant health boost.  And of course, we’ll send you off with tips and tools for bringing what you’ve discovered back into your daily life.

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