Relax, Reset, and Restore Recap

Apr 9, 2024 | Blog, Retreats

Relax, Reset and Restore Recap

We just completed a blissful, engaging weekend of facilitating our guests to relax, reset their nervous systems, and restore energy levels.  Unfortunately amidst the bonding experience and facilitating most of the classes, I forgot to take a photo of our lovely retreat group.  However, one of our guests was able to capture a magical early morning photo of the temple, so I will share that (thank you Steve!!!).

We spent our days breathing consciously in various postures to support the primary muscles of breathing and open our thoracic spines to invite spaciousness and improved range of motion.  Guests had the opportunity to nourish their body and spirit in therapeutic yoga or Hatha Yoga every day.  They learned about mantra, meditation and tension release practice.  We explored Sacred Art and Ayurvedic self massage as forms of self nurturing.  We chanted and meditated after dinner each night, and ended each day with a guided deep relaxation.  Participants left the retreat in a rejuvenated state. 

Join us for the next Relax, Reset and Restore Retreat:  October 24-27, 2024

Here are some of the experiences shared by participants:

“It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend.  Feeling peaceful was my favorite part.  I’m returning feeling relaxed and refreshed.”

“I enjoyed the extremely well-constructed classes, the caring instruction and the sacred space of which to reconnect to what is important.  It brings a calming centeredness.”

“I felt cared for, thank you.  It felt so good to receive, my nervous system was so elevated.  I am so grateful for the space to develop an awareness of my stress baseline.  I would love to do this again, even if it’s the same format.  I’ll be in a different place and receive the same activities differently.”

“I love being able to take these practices home with me.  I loved the variety of classes.  It was a very relaxing weekend, I feel recharged and reset.  Thank you!”