Yoga Lifestyle Immersion

Aug 20-Sept 11

Price: $1200 total includes all lodging and meals. Private rooms available first come first serve for $1800 total. 

The Immersive Yoga Lifestyle retreat merges the experience of an extended retreat with the ashram lifestyle; participants have the opportunity to live at Shoshoni and dive deeply into an asana and meditation practice while serving the ashram through daily seva, or selfless service.

Highlights of the yoga lifestyle retreat include:

Meditation – Daily meditation classes offer a variety of approaches to meditation in the ShambhavAnanda Yoga tradition, including guided silent meditation techniques, kirtan and arati, mantra repetition, and more. By learning different methods to quiet the mind and connect inside, you become empowered to use the tools necessary to stay open and grounded within the ever-evolving arena of your life.

Yoga – Asana practice is a time to connect within through a focused awareness of breath and the physical body. Yoga classes will be offered a few times per week with a variety of instructors, allowing you to experience different expressions of ShambhavAnanda Yoga in practice.

Seva – Join the Shoshoni staff in the mornings for seva, or selfless service, an immensely powerful practice of giving back to the community. Seva is used to focus the mind on the task at hand while cultivating an attitude of generosity and gratitude. Seva tasks could include washing dishes, weeding the gardens and flower beds, harvesting vegetables, or chopping and stacking wood as just a few examples.

Guru Gita – The Guru Gita is a beautiful hour-long chanting meditation that draws on the power and vibration of the Sanskrit language to purify the mind. Sing aloud alongside the harmonium as it plays out the meditative melody of the verses, or follow along quietly. Attendees receive a chanting book that includes the Sanskrit text, transliteration, and full translation of the practice.

Yajna Fire Ceremony – Yajna is the ancient yogic practice of offering mantras and masala (a special rice mixture) into a sacred fire. This practice has been used for thousands of years as a catalyst for change and growth; it helps purify emotions, burns up unresolved conflict and worries, and leaves us feeling lighter and more free inside.

Satsang – Satsang is a traditional practice of being in the company of good, or true, people. Weekly satsang with one of our meditation teachers is a time to ask questions about your own spiritual practice and experiences, or learn more about Shoshoni and the ShambhavAnanda Yoga™ tradition.

Meals – Enjoy three meals per day. Our kitchen happily accommodates gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diets; that’s the benefit of serving delicious, vegetarian meals that are made fresh daily with organic ingredients and Shoshoni garden produce. For more specific information, especially regarding allergies, please contact the office. 303.642.0116

Daily Schedule

Structure is a foundational part of a yogic lifestyle. Having a routine helps establish balance in one’s life and sets the stage for the process of conscious spiritual growth. Participants work six half-days (8:30am-12pm) with one scheduled day off per week.

6:00am Shiva Puja and Yajna (Fire Temple) OR

*6:00am Guru Gita Chant (Main Temple) – REQUIRED (attendance at Yajna or Guru Gita)

*7:00am Silent Meditation (Main Temple) – REQUIRED

7:30am Breakfast

*8:30am-12:00pm Seva (selfless service), including dishes, laundry, cleaning, outdoor work – REQUIRED

12:00pm Lunch

1:00-5:00pm Personal Time – enjoy a hike, a sauna, or a nap. Whatever you need to feel nourished.

5:00pm Dinner

*6:30-7:30pm Meditation (Monday, Thursday-Saturday) – REQUIRED

**Hatha yoga classes will be included in the schedule 3-4 times per week

To learn more or to register for Yoga Lifestyle Immersion, please submit a request. This program can only be booked through the office.

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