Extended Retreat

Dates: August 6-16 (10-day retreat) or August 6-20 (14-day retreat) 

Price: dependent on accommodations, plus a 15% discount

As part of the Extended Retreat, choose from a fully optional daily schedule of:

Two meditation classes – Evening classes offer a variety of approaches to meditation in the ShambhavAnanda Yoga tradition, including guided silent meditation techniques, kirtan and arati, mantra repetition, and more. In the morning, choose between the beautiful hour-long Guru Gita Chant and silent meditation in the Main Temple, or the powerful Vedic Yajna Ceremony in the Fire Temple.

Two yoga classes – Hatha Yoga in the ShambhavAnada Yoga tradition is more than physical exercises; it is part of a comprehensive system that can lead to the experience of the innate perfection within each of us. ShambhavAnanda Yoga Asana begins with a strong foundation in body awareness and alignment, then moves deeper, allowing you to explore your own personal experience of yoga through inner focus and surrender. Creative hatha and vinyasa approaches make this practice available for beginner through advanced level practitioners.

Three vegetarian meals – Our kitchen happily accommodates gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diets; that’s the benefit of serving delicious food that is made fresh daily with organic ingredients and Shoshoni garden produce. For more specific information, especially regarding allergies, please contact the office. 303.642.0116

Daily Schedule

Structure is a foundational part of a yogic lifestyle. Having a routine helps establish balance in one’s life and sets the stage for the process of conscious spiritual growth. Jump right in and participate in the full daily schedule, or relax and choose which classes to take at your leisure. All programs are optional.

3:00pm Check-in– Grab your keys, class schedule, and map and get ready for a wonderful retreat!

4:00pm Hatha Yoga– Balance and center yourself with a late afternoon hatha yoga class. Shambhava Yoga™ classes offer creative hatha and vinyasa approaches for all levels.

5:00pm Dinner– Join the Shoshoni community for a delicious dinner. All meals are prepared from scratch using organic ingredients, including fresh produce from our gardens. Options available for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

5:45pm New Guest Orientation– Gather with other newcomers to learn more about the retreat experience from a Shoshoni resident.

6:30pm Evening Chanting or Meditation– Soak up the positive energy of the Shoshoni Temple. Sing to Sanskrit chants alongside resident musicians. Quiet your mind with 30-60 minutes of guided, silent meditation. All levels of experience welcome.

5:30am Shiva Puja and Yajna (Fire Temple)– Experience the power of this ancient yogic fire ceremony. Dress warmly for this open-air temple!

5:30am Guru Gita Chant (Main Temple) – Marinate in the beautiful music of the Guru Gita, an hour-long chant in Sanskrit.

6:30am Silent Meditation (Main Temple) – Begin your day with 30 minutes of silent, guided meditation.

 7:00am Breakfast – Rise and shine! Choose from a variety of hot cereals, seasonal fruit, and fresh-baked breads.

8:00am Free Time – Go for a hike, relax in the hot tub, or book a private consultation.

8:15am Art Class– Get creative with fun take-home art projects, from painted flower pots to malas to Deity Drawings.

**Sunday at 8:30, join a resident Acharya (senior meditation teacher) for Satsang (Q&A) in the Main Temple.

10:00am Morning Hatha Yoga – Energize and uplift yourself with a vigorous morning yoga class. Our classes include creative hatha and vinyasa approaches for all levels. Weekend classes may include All-levels and Intermediate options.

11:30am Pranayama & Intro to Meditation – Follow your breath and find your heart with yogic breathing techniques and guided meditation.

12:00pm Lunch – Hungry after yoga class? Enjoy a delicious, organic lunch. Your salad was probably grown in our greenhouse!

1:00pm Check Out – See you next time! We hope your stay at our ashram has left you relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face the world again.

1:00-2:00pm Seva – Join the community in selfless service by helping with dishes, cleaning or gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve been to Shoshoni for an Overnight Retreat. How is the Extended Retreat different? The Extended Retreat is very similar to our usual Overnight Retreat option. It will have the same basic daily schedule, including meditation, yoga, and meals, as well as access to hiking trails and outdoor amenities. The main differences are that you cannot choose your own arrival date and length of stay, and the hot tub and sauna will be closed. The experience itself will also be different in ways we cannot yet predict due to adherence to whatever Covid-19 health protocols are in place during the dates of the retreat; expect it to be quieter and more introspective.


I’d like to do a retreat, but cannot make the dates of the Extended Retreat. Are there other options? Currently, Shoshoni is closed to Overnight Retreat guests. The Extended Retreat was created with the intention of making Shoshoni available to those seeking the peace and nourishment of the ashram environment, while also adhering to Colorado’s public health and executive orders. It is the only retreat option available until further notice.


Can I do a shorter retreat within the same timeframe of the Extended Retreat? Everyone registered for the Extended Retreat will arrive the same day, and your departure day will depend on whether you register for the 10-day or 14-day option. You are not able to do a shorter retreat within the same timeframe.


Will there be any changes to your current cancellation and refund policy, given the uncertainty of things at this time? Yes! We understand that these are extraordinary times, and we have allowed for more flexibility in our cancellation policy to reflect that. If we cancel the retreat or if you have to cancel your retreat due to illness, you will have the option to receive a full refund for your deposit or else keep it on file for a future visit. If you have to cancel your retreat for any other reason, our regular refund policy applies.


How do I register for this retreat? Because we have limited space and are allocating accommodations based on physical distancing guidelines, we ask that you reserve this retreat by calling our office. 303.642.0116. Our office hours are 9am-3:30pm daily.