Private Consultations

Inquire with office for potential availability. 

Price: $60-$80/hr, $10 for each additional guest

A private consultation is a great way to personalize your Shoshoni experience. Gain tools for a home yoga and meditation practice and deepen your understanding of what it means to live a yoga lifestyle.

Private Yoga Session
Meet with a resident Hatha Yoga teacher to receive personal instruction in the area of your choice. Schedule a private yoga session to learn the foundations, build a home practice, receive personal adjustments, or work toward a goal pose. Let us know your goals for the session so we may pair you with the best teacher to meet your needs.

60 minutes. $60

Private Meditation Session
Schedule a private meditation session to learn basic techniques, develop a home practice, or ask any questions one-on-one with a resident private meditation teacher. Whether you are new or experienced practitioner, a private meditation session can help you integrate meditation into your life in a practical, meaningful way.

60 minutes.  $60

Cooking Class
Spend a special hour in the Shoshoni kitchen learning from the masters! Learn hands-on techniques, ask questions, and take home new recipe ideas. Let us know your interests when booking a class so we may prepare appropriately.

60 minutes. $60

Healing Yoga Session
Meet with a specially trained Hatha Yoga teacher to address particular injuries or health conditions and how you may use yogic practices to restore balance. You will be screened in a variety of yoga postures to help determine which will be beneficial as take-home practices for you. To facilitate mind/body healing, pranayama and meditation may be recommended as well. Please note, this is not intended to diagnose or treat existing conditions.

60 minutes. $80

Educational Ayurvedic Consultation
Meet with a resident Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor to learn about the ancient art of Ayurveda, the natural medicine from India and a sister science to yoga. Learn how to determine your dosha and integrate simple Ayurvedic practices into your lifestyle. (Please note: Not a diagnostic consultation. Not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.)

60 minutes. $80

The Healing Yoga consultation was amazing!  The instructor was very knowledgeable and focused on specific areas where I felt limited and unaligned.  She provided detailed hands-on instruction and a written handout for me to take home for my personal practice.  It was well worth the session.  

B.O., Jan 2019