Overnight Retreats

Summer Season: May-September, available most nights
Winter Weekends: October-April, available Thurs-Sat nights
Prices range from $70-$250 per person per night, depending on accommodations

Summer & Winter Overnight Retreats include:

Two meditation classes – Evening classes offer a variety of approaches to meditation in the Shambhava Yoga™ tradition, including guided silent meditation techniques, kirtan and arati, mantra repetition, and more. In the morning, choose between the beautiful hour-long Guru Gita Chant and silent meditation in the Main Temple or the powerful Vedic Yajna Ceremony in the Fire Temple.

Two yoga classes – Shambhava Yoga™ Asana begins with a strong foundation in body awareness and alignment, then moves deeper, allowing you to explore your own personal experience of yoga through inner focus and surrender.Creative Hatha and Vinyasa approach to make this practice available to beginners and advanced-level practitioners.

Three meals – Our kitchen happily accommodates gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diets; that’s the benefit of serving delicious, vegetarian meals that are made fresh daily with organic ingredients and Shoshoni garden produce. For more specific information, especially regarding allergies, please contact the office. 303.642.0116

Art program: Art is an incredible way to step out of your thoughts and connect to a higher source of creativity. Join a member of the Shoshoni community each morning in creating fun, unique DIY art projects to take home with you. 

Available amenities include a hot tub and sauna, miles of hiking trails, seating areas and kayaks at the pond, and a hammock forest.

You can also enhance your retreat with private yoga, meditation, cooking, and Ayurveda consultations.

Summer & Winter Retreat Daily Schedule

Structure is a foundational part of a yogic lifestyle. A routine helps establish balance in one’s life and sets the stage for conscious spiritual growth. Jump right in and participate in the full daily schedule, or relax and choose which classes to take at your leisure. All programs are optional.

3:00 pm Check-in– Grab your keys, class schedule, and map, and prepare for a wonderful retreat!

4:00 pm Hatha Yoga– Balance and center yourself with a late afternoon hatha yoga class. Shambhava Yoga™ classes offer creative hatha and vinyasa approaches for all levels.

5:00 pm Dinner– Join the Shoshoni community for a delicious dinner. All meals are prepared from scratch using organic ingredients, including fresh produce from our gardens. Options available for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

5:45 pm New Guest Orientation– Gather with other newcomers to learn more about the retreat experience from a Shoshoni resident.

6:30 pm Evening Chanting or Meditation– Soak up the positive energy of the Shoshoni Temple. Sing to Sanskrit chants alongside resident musicians. Quiet your mind with 30-60 minutes of guided, silent meditation. All levels of experience welcome. 

 5:30 am Shiva Puja and Yajna (Fire Temple)– Experience the power of this ancient yogic fire ceremony. Dress warmly for this open-air temple!

5:30 am Guru Gita Chant (Main Temple) – Marinate in the beautiful music of the Guru Gita, an hour-long chant in Sanskrit.

6:30 am Silent Meditation (Main Temple) – Begin your day with 30 minutes of silent, guided meditation.

 7:00 am Breakfast – Rise and shine! Choose from various hot cereals, seasonal fruit, and fresh-baked breads.

8:00 am Free Time – Go for a hike, relax in the hot tub, or book a private consultation.

8:15 am Art Class– Get creative with fun take-home art projects, from painted flower pots to malas to Deity Drawings.

**Sunday at 8:30, join a resident Acharya (senior meditation teacher) for Satsang (Q&A) in the Main Temple.

10:00 am Morning Hatha Yoga – Energize and uplift yourself with a vigorous morning yoga class. Our classes include creative hatha and vinyasa approaches for all levels. Weekend classes may include All-level and intermediate options.

11:30 am Pranayama & Intro to Meditation – Follow your breath and find your heart with yogic breathing techniques and guided meditation.

12:00 pm Lunch – Hungry after yoga class? Enjoy a delicious, organic lunch. Your salad was probably grown in our greenhouse!

1:00 pm Check Out – See you next time! We hope your stay at our ashram has left you relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face the world again.

1:00-2:00 pm Seva – Join the community in selfless service by helping with dishes, cleaning or gardens.

We so enjoyed this wonderful space. There is such a sweet, calm, healing energy that is palpable. The yogis who live and teach were kind and very welcoming. We enjoyed the yoga classes, sacred art, and meditation classes. The meals were amazing, so nourishing and delicious. It was a true weekend retreat.
S.J. summer 2018