Shoshoni Yoga Ashram is always accepting kind donations in any amount.


For all, especially our Sangha (spiritual family) that live near and far, donating to the Ashram is a wonderful way to contribute to the center’s maintenance and goal of energy sustainability.

As we are a non-profit organization, everything donated goes directly to funding the Ashram and everything it provides including: retreats, yoga and meditation teacher trainings, yoga classes, meditation classes, workshops, Community events, and the wonderful Shakti (spiritual energy) of a living practice and lineage.

Our current projects include: Fire mitigation, a second well for water security, and renovations to our staff housing. Donations may also be used to help purchase new yoga props and art supplies.

Thank you for your kindness and we gladly welcome you to come practice with us!

*YOU DON’T NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO DONATE; Please call if you need any help with this process. (303) 642-0116