Shoshoni Yoga Ashram is always accepting kind donations in any amount.

Hello Dear Shoshoni family!

For all, especially our Sangha (spiritual family) that live near and far, donating to the Ashram is a wonderful way to contribute to the center’s maintenance and goal of energy sustainability.

As we are a non-profit organization, everything donated goes directly to funding the Ashram and everything it provides including: retreats, yoga and meditation teacher trainings, yoga classes, meditation classes, workshops, Community events, and the wonderful Shakti (spiritual energy) of a living practice and lineage.

Below are examples of how your generous contributions help offset Shoshoni’s costs:

  • Housekeeping Upgrades: $250 – new organic sheets and towels; $100 – new pillows ; $50 – high quality bulk shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Yoga Training Scholarships: Any donation amount goes directly to our scholarship fund to help make trainings more accessible to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ participants.
  • Maintenance/Repairs: $250 – building materials for cabin renovations; $100 – maintenance and repairs for chainsaws, tractor, and machinery; $50 – lightbulbs and batteries
  • Work Study/Volunteer Expenses: Any donation amount goes toward feeding and housing our volunteer staff, which includes but is not limited to electricity, heating, and food costs.
  • Organic Produce Costs: $250 – bulk orders for organic grain, beans, flour, and sugar; $100 – organic fresh produce; $50 – organic milk
  • Temple Supplies – $250 – updated chanting books for guests and musicians; $100 – rice, chocolate, incense, and tea lights for offering; $50 – wood, metal, and stone polish for murtis
  • Sacred Art Supplies: $250 – metals and gems for jewelry; $100 – paints and canvas; $50 – markers, shrinky dinks
  • Gardens: $250 – soil and compost; $100 – soil supplements and fertilizer; $50 – seeds
  • Animals: $250 – organic chicken feed; $100 – dog food for the furry residents; $50 – dog treats
  • Amenity Upgrades: $250 – new yoga mats and props; $100 – a SUP board for the pond; $50 – bromine for the hot tub

If you have a specific inspiration you’d like to donate towards, let us know!

Thank you for your kindness and we gladly welcome you to come practice with us!

*YOU DON’T NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO DONATE; Please call if you need any help with this process. (303) 642-0116