500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

  • Upon completion of your 200-hour certification we offer additional training that will lead to 500-hour certification
  • Intermediate Certification (120 hours– Levels 2 and 3) certifies you to teach an intermediate level of hatha yoga—this is highly recommended for all yoga teachers!
  • Advanced Certification (180 hours– Your choice from an array of electives) completes your 500-hour certification. Many of these electives may be taken at any point after your 200-hour certification. Gather and document a minimum of 100 teaching hours to complete your Advanced Certification.
    • Curriculum is offered in convenient one-week segments designed to help you progress as a yoga teacher
      • A progression of challenging asanas
      • Deeper understanding of healthy biomechanics and anatomy
      • Expanded teaching skills
      • Special topics such as Yoga for Healing, Ayurveda, and Meditation Teacher Training