What is ShambhavAnanda Yoga?


Shambhava Yoga™ meditation practices are diverse yet simple, practical yet profound. They begin on the cushion and in the heart, using breath and mantra to experience what lies beyond the mind. With practice, this subtle awareness is cultivated in all life circumstances, bringing the light of consciousness with you everywhere you go.

ShambhavAnanda Yoga™ is rooted in the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, which sees the entire universe as a manifestation of divine consciousness, or Shiva. Through regular whole-hearted meditation practice, we begin to see this divinity within ourselves and it shines in everything we do.


The practice of ShambhavAnanda YogaAsana begins with a strong foundation in body awareness and alignment, then moves deeper, allowing you to explore your own personal experience of yoga through inner focus and surrender. Creative hatha and vinyasa approaches make this practice available for beginning through advanced level students.

ShambhavAnanda YogaAsana is taught from the heart, not the head. Teachers respond to the energy of the class through intuition, intelligent sequencing, and depth of practice. Our room-temp classes incorporate props and modifications with the goal of making yoga rewarding for everyone.

We believe that the ultimate purpose of asana is to cultivate a meditative state; to guide you inside where your potential awaits.