Volunteer at Shoshoni

Delve deeply into a spiritual practice with full immersion in the yogic lifestyle
Current Programs:

Work Study: Work full time, 6 days per week. Minimum three month commitment. There is no charge for this program.



If you are looking to commit yourself more deeply to your spiritual growth and in service to others, you may be interested in our Brahmacharya program.


Seva, or karma yoga, is a core practice in the ShambhavAnanda Yoga tradition. This selfless service is yoga-in-action as you work to be present with a particular task at hand. It is a priceless skill for a fulfilling life, because it teaches practitioners how to work with a sense of open-heartedness and shared purpose in support of community.

Throughout the day, ashram residents participate in different seva projects designed to maintain the ashram facility and offer a welcoming and nourishing environment for our guests. During work time, residents are encouraged to practice japa, or mantra repetition, to develop a conscious awareness and presence of mind. Seva projects include dishwashing, cleaning, gardening, chopping wood, grounds maintenance, or construction.

Every Work Study participant spends time in the dish room; it’s the perfect arena for building a strong foundation in focus and mantra repetition.
The Outdoor Crew is one of our main seva areas; outdoor projects may include grounds and trail maintenance, painting, and firewood prep and storage.

The Shoshoni Gardens are another of the main seva areas. While most Work Study participants will not spend the bulk of their time in the gardens, almost everyone gets a chance to help out once in a while.

Staff helps serve meals cafeteria-style to guests.
One of our yearly staff projects is to work on paths outside the Main Temple, as well as around the Shoshoni grounds.


Our living teacher, His Holiness Rishi Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda, is a master of meditation in the ShambhavAnanda Yoga tradition.

Participants in our volunteer programs are exposed to the myriad teachings of ShambhavAnanda Yoga through meditation and yoga classes, satsung (questions and answers with a senior teacher of the tradition), and a weekly Work Study class.

We encourage Work Study volunteers to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and contribute to our community.

Sri Shambhavananda is the founder of Shoshoni and the spiritual teacher, or Guru, of the full-time residents of the ashram.
Work Study participants learn to approach meditation with different tools from the Shambhava Yoga tradition, including breath awareness, mantra repetition, and chanting.
The Yajna Ceremony, an ancient Vedic fire practice, is one of the two morning meditation practices required for Work Study participants. Most mornings, you’ll attend the Guru Gita chanting practice in the Main Temple, a beautiful hour-long chant in Sanskrit followed by meditation.
Attend yoga classes and experience the heart-centered, breath-based approach to asana that is Shambhava Yoga.
Suggested reading:

A Seat by the Fire, Spontaneous Recognition, or Spiritual Practice by Sri Shambhavananda

Rudi and the Green Apple by Faith Stone

Sacred Journey by Swami Kripananda

Yoga in the Shambhava Tradition by Swami Omkari Devananda


in a community of other resident yogis, working and playing alongside dedicated practitioners. Participants work six days per week, with one assigned day off each week. Accommodations are dorm-style. In your off-time, explore the mountain town of Nederland. Hike the majestic Rockies in nearby James Peak or Indian Peaks Wilderness. Or stay on property, enjoying the amenities of the ashram.

View of the main Staff Cabin. Accommodations are dorm-style, with no more than four to a room. Linens, towels, and soap provided.
Staff have both formal and casual opportunities throughout the summer to pursue new or existing hobbies, including music, art, jewelry making/metal working, and ceramics.
Kayaks and canoes are available at the pond. Adirondack chairs and a hammock forest provide space to relax in your down time.
Love to play? We do, too. Join a volleyball game after lunch, or try your hand at the various lawn games. Grab a hula hoop, or jump on the slack-line. We work hard, but we’re known to play hard too.
The summit of Rollins Peak, a 45-minute hike on the Shoshoni property, offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains. Seen here is Indian Peaks Wilderness to the north.

“When you serve something greater than your own needs, you find tremendous joy. People who have given themselves to something greater than themselves always radiate with this happiness.”

- Sri Shambhavananda

Daily Schedule

The Work Study program requires full participation in the daily schedule. On your scheduled day off each week, you are still required to attend 5:30-7:00am meditation, but have the remainder of the day off.

5:30am Guru Gita chant and meditation
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am-12:00pm Seva
12:00pm Lunch
1:00-4:00pm Seva
4:00-5:00 Break
5:00 Dinner
5:30-6:15pm Seva – dinner cleanup
6:30-7:30pm Evening Meditation

What We Provide

The Work Study program includes:

  • Housing – dorm-style staff accommodations or camping
  • Three vegetarian meals per day
  • Weekly Work Study class, specific to Work Study participants
  • Weekly satsang (questions and answers with a senior teacher)
  • Weekly philosophy
  • Weekly hatha yoga

For me, Shoshoni is a special place not only to learn all aspects of yoga, but to grow as a human being. The food is wonderful, and the friendly staff are dedicated to maintaining the quiet and vibrant environment there. It’s a perfect place to practice yoga and meditation, to enjoy tea in the lodge while looking out over the mountains, and to just be yourself.