Community and Sustainability

At Shoshoni, we are moving ahead to create a self-sustaining, environmentally conscious center.


A solar forest of 200 photovoltaic panels help produce 75% of Shoshoni’s electricity needs.

New renovations include eight Eco Cabins, each remodeled with environmentally conscious building materials, solar powered radiant floor heat, and organic sheets and towels. The Eco Cabins are multiplying as we continue to renovate our guest accommodations.

Our gardens are growing with organic vegetables, herbs, and local flowers, fueled by a worm composting system. Our chickens produce organic eggs served at breakfast and used in our baked goods. Each meal in the Shoshoni dining room contains fresh organic produce grown on site.

A new wood-burning water boiler now services a number of cabins and the Yoga Mandir building.

During your visit, check out our all-season greenhouse, which uses an aquaponic system to feed all the organic vegetables. The greenhouse also provides passive solar heat to the Mandir main yoga studio.